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Pack Seals Engineering


Reverse Balance Seals

Reverse Balance Seals

Applications :           

  • Generally used for handling corrosive chemicals, hydrocarbons, general & light chemicals.

Material :           

  • Seal Faces - Sic/carbon Vs Ceramic/Sic./TC
  • Secondary Seals - Viton/PTFE/GFT  
  • Metal Components - SS-316

Operating Limits :           

  • Shaft Dia. - 10 to 100mm
  • Pressure - up to 10 Bars
  • Temp. : -50 to 180oC
  • Speed - up to 25 m/s

Product Code : PS – 288 Multi Spring Reversed Balanced Seal is externally mounted internally balanced multi-coil spring seal. The unique feature of this type of seal is that, it eliminates the shaft step or sleeves for balancing. These seals are externally mounted & hence the metal parts including the springs do not come in contact with the circulating media & therefore can be use for corrosive or abrasive media. sealing. The compact design eliminates the requirement of extra radial & axial  space for its installation.